Who are we

About Whippet kennel Chasing Lane's

We are the driving force behind the Whippet Kennel ' Chasing Lane's. I'm not entirely new to the sport and breeding.

Since I am 12 years old, I am in the greyhound racing industry and all aspects around it. At the age of 12 years I got the Whippet "Dobre vd Fijola Hoeve" to see what I thought of this breed. Soon I was hooked on this wonderful breed.

Two years later i got my own Whippet "Kabora vd Fijola Hoeve". And soon followed by my second Whippet "Olympique vd Fijola Hoeve". Two fantastic dogs with whom i have raced and done coursing. I have learned alot from these to ladies. The training methods I've used with them, I still use with my current Whippets.

After first experience by looking and learning of other people in the greyhoudn racing and various breeders. I have requested, in May 2009, the Whippet Kennel Chasing Lane's. On November 19 2009 the FCI approved!
I also have my KK1 & KK2(canine knowlegde Part 1&2) and now I will continue to Exterior and Kinesiology.

Because over the years my passion and enthusiasm for this breed has grown, we hope with our kennel to make a contribution to this wonderful breed.

If you have any questions, you can always contact me.
And aften you can find us on events in the Netherlands but also abroad.