22 July 2011

Haarlem (nl)

Today was the day that our new addition went ot his new home. Flash vd Spaarne Meute (Boss) Was picked upt by the Family van Lieshout / Roubos were Boss will live and will be trained. Boss is the dog of Robert and me, Tim.

We both liked the combination of his parents, so our lovely ladies gave us a present. Boss will later be a stud in our kennel. But first, the little guy has to grow and enjoy all the things around him!!

08 July 2011

Helmond/Lelystad (nl)

Today we announced that following the first heat Homely Luck's Lotus will be mated with Homely Luck's Xanthos.
parents are tested for PRA / Cat andMyostatin gene test results. N / N

For more information please see our upcoming litter page.

If you are interested please contact us info@chasinglanes.com

Homely Luck's Xanthos Homely Luck's Lotus


07 July 2011

Lelystad (nl)

Today we received the results of the blood and urine tests of Brandy. Unfortunately is was not good news, and our Brandy is sicker than we thought. Brandy has probably a pancreatic inflammation (pancreas). Through new blood test they will examined what the problem is. In addition, the liver is not as it should be and the new red blood cells are destroyed. Because the red blood cells are destructive, she has now severely anemic. If so they will continue beyond the blood transfusion. Brandy is now on anti-inflammatories and heavy broad spectrum antibiotics to the 'potential' to tackle inflammation. And the whole day being watched. Fortunately,she eat and drinks well and hope for the best. To be continued.

04 July 2011

Lelystad (nl)

Returning to Brandy (3 July) After checking she went limp on the left side. The next day back to the vet and tested blood and urine. Now it appears that the red blood cells are broken down which mmeans no oxygen transport and no energy. So what explains why she slipped from the pen.

So it is stull unclear and is being investigated but it may be that the organs do not function properly ( thinking on liver and kidneys), but it can also be poisoning or anemia. Most importantly, she will recover. To be continued.

03 July 2011

Oude Pekela (nl)

Today we traveled to Old Pekela for perhaps the biggest game of the season. Dutch Championship 350 meter. At this championship only A-class dogs may run. We had three dogs registered Homely Luck's Lotus, Brandy vd Spaarne Meute and Vilikaia vom Rauhen Meer. The track was very well and it stayed dry. There where 24 A bitches at the start.

Vilikaia started under the white deck and had to take on Frizzy Lizzy and Hedda, two finalists from last year. Vilikaia was third just behind Frizzy Lizzy and Hestia in a time of 23.52 and this meant re-sit.

Our greatest asset Brandy vd Spaarne Meute could start in the second course. The lady was well focused on the hare. We could put the dogs, when the loft opens Brandy slip out of the pen. Then again at the exit. She ran a time of 25.48, She had never walked that, so therefore we withdrew her from the race.

Lotus could start in track 4 and was 4th in 23.44. It was Petit Sirah who won in 22.58m and is back in shape. This promises great coursen!

The resit. Black Pearl vd Sabelspoort under red, Vilikaia under blue, Zap Mama's Indy under white and Lotus under black. The fight was between Zap Mama's Indy and Vilikaia and she won in 23.27. Zapp Mama's Indy 23.28, Lotus in 23.40, and Black Pearl in 23.55.

Both Vilikaia and Lotus could go to the semi-finals. In the semifinals, it was 3 x full house (6 dogs at the start).

Lotus could start int he semifinals, although Lotus improved her time 23.34 was not enough to be allowed into the final.
The last semifinals at the start VIlikaia grabbed a few meters and ran the race of her live with Hetty, Amir and Frizzy Lizzy behind her. She became first in 23.16 which meant that she goes to the finals!

The finals was between Petit Sirah and Brenda. Both a good start but Brenda profited from the inside. Which resulted in victory and New Dutch Chamion!. Vilikaia had a bad start and made her round and came in 6th in 23.34. Our little girl ... fought for what she is worth. Super pride.

Congratulations to all the finalists! Especially Breandy and Blits vd Spaarne Meute! Sjanet, René, Hans and Hanneke .. enjoy!
And PWRC thank you for the great contest!

29 June 2011

Jubbega (nl)

Today we traveld toward Jubbega with our young females Windyglen's Ride Sally Ride (Sally) and As Good As Gold (Indy) to contimue their education. Sally and Indy both went through the loft and would drop their first time. Sally put down a beautiful time of 23.10 and this was not a very tight walk. Indy ran 23.41 and must still learn to walk curves. A successful training with two great times. On to the next step in their training.

26 June 2011

Rotterdam (nl)

Today we traveled to Rotterdam to participate in the International Derby. We had two dogs entered for this competition. Vilikaia vom Rauhen Meer and Brandy v.d. Spaarne Meute. Both had stopped for out vacantion and with NK in just one week they had to feel the muscle tension.

Vilikaia who has never run on this system, had to get used to the series which resulted in third place. In the rematch she had a good start and was first in a nice time of 23.66.

In the semifinal Vilikaia could start under white. With a great start she too the lead over the rest. And became first in a time of 23.46. In the finals she had a little less good start, but after a attack she became third in 23.75. This gave her the latest promotional item on which she promoted to the A-class.

Brandy could start in the first course and was off like a cannon. The time she ran was 23.12

In the semi finals Brandy had a good start along with Homely Luck's Lexus, up to the line it was a battle in favor of Homely Luck's Lexus. She won in 23.46.

The final was here under the red blanket FCI 100jahr Powerplay winner's Wallflower at the start. This lady had run in the series 22.18 and 22.11 in the semi's by far the fastest female at this time. For us a great honor to run against.

Brandy could start under the black blanket and was the first to leave followed by Wallflower. And she took the lead an won very convincingly. It was a fight for the second place but it was Brandy who managed to hit a hole and came as a nice second. The time for Powerplay's Wallflower in the finals was 22.07 and improved the track record. Brandy ran 23.16 and was nicely second.

Brandy v.d. Spaarne Meute

Vilikaia vom Rauhen Meer

02 June 2011

Rotterdam (nl)

Today we traveled to Rotterdam for the Sand Track Championships.
There were 16 A-Bitches at the start so a nice full international field.

We had Brandy with us today and she could start the series under a black blanket. With a good start she pulled through beautifully and put a very fast time on the clock of 22.93

In the semifinals Brandy was under the red blanket. With a super start and the distance with the other dogs was getting bigger. This resulted in an imporvement in time 22.65.

The final. The start is important especially in the first corner. Brandy didn't had a good start and had to fight the first 100 meters to come forward and take the first place. Then she gave some extra and ended with a very nice time of 22.95

Brandy was allowed to sit on the highest stage and is now Sand Track Chanpion 2011.
Every time she does still surprise us. Today, with the fastest time of the day and her victory.

We want to congratulate the other finalists with their results. And thank you for the congratulations and for the nice day.

Note Brandy: We now have some rest ... the bosses are leaving to Bali, seems they will have a party there!!!

Brandy v.d. Spaarne Meute

29 Mei 2011

Jubbega (nl)

Today we traveled down to Jubbega, Friesland, this for the Iepen Fryske.
We had two dogs entered, Vilikaia vom Rauhen Meer and Brandy v.d. Spaarne Meute.

On to the course. Starting with the trial round with Chasing Lane's Boston of the Dekker Fam. together with Xayenne vd Spaarne Meute. Boston had great start and walked tightly along the piles. Xayenne is some years older tried to come closer, but it was Boston who crossed the line first in 18.65, what proved to be a very good time for this young male.

On to the game. Vilikaia was first and started like a rocket and was very nicely first in the series in a time of 18.55

In the semifinals she could start under the red blanket. Vilikaia didn't had a good start and Amir vd Spaarne Meute took charge. Amir won in 18.28 and Vilikaia was second in 18.37

In the final under the white blanket. Amir vd Spaarne Meute won in a very beautiful time of 18.28. Vilikaia vom Rauhen Meer was second in 18.37, exactly the same time as in the semifinal. We are very proud of our Vilikaia, she shows that she is in great shape.

We also had Brandy vd Spaarne Meute registered. The track record at this distance was 18.15 and was jointly shared by the sister of Brandy; Bessie vd Spaarne Meute and ici Noir vd Groene Golf.

First was the other sister to start, Brenda who won last week in Son. She became first in a time of 18.13 and therefore the course record was broken.
Brandy could start, after a reasonable start, she gradually moved avoy from the others and came first in the sandbos. In a time of 18.11 so the track record was broken again.

The semifinals .. what would Brandy do? The starting signal was given, and Brandy was gone she walked with Frizzy Lizzy van Dia-Robbinne. Brandy went well and came first in the sandbox, and when the time was called New Course Record 17.85 !!

The final, often when a dog breaks a track record that they have given everything. The starting times of the other dogs were all close together. The start will be crucial. Wheezy Wind's Herencia Táctica, Black Pearl v.d. Sabelspoort, Frizzy Lizzy van Dia-Robinne, Brenda v.d. Spaarne Meute, De la Sûre d'Elle Hetty and our Brandy v.d. Spaarne Meute at the start. A nice field with good dogs.

The starting signal is given and it was Frizzy Lizzy who came first out together with Brenda and Brandy. Brandy accelerated right through and took the lead. The struggle was for the second place and what a struggle it was! A nice second place for Wheezy Wind's herencia Táctica, 3rd Brenda vd Spaarne Meute, 4th Frizzy Lizzy v Dia-Robinne, 5th De La Sûre d'Elle Hetty and 6th Black Pearl v.d. Sabelspoort.

We both had to come to the podium with Brandy. Brandy ran well and that what obvious but what was the reason why we both had to come was not clear to us. The time of Brandy vd Spaarne Meute is 17.80 !! A new and improved track record!! Super .. who dares to dream such a thing.

Brandy is the winner of the Iepen Fryske 'Open Friesian Championship 280'

Beside that, we were put in the limelight by the association for our forthcoming marriage. Totally surprised. With six bunches of flowers and a very nice card we went on our way home after this wonderful day.

We also want to thank WRV Friesland and the members for the nice gift. And of course our friends and all others who congratulated us!

Furthermore, we congratulate all finalists and winners with the results. And special Blits vd Spaarne Meute who improved his lap record again

Chasing Lane’s Boston

Vilikaia vom Rauhen Meer

Vilikaia vom Rauhen Meer

Brandy v.d. Spaarne Meute

Brandy v.d. Spaarne Meute

28 Mei 2011

Lelystad (nl)

Today we received the news of the Voorburg Fam. , Chasing Lanes Casair (Keizer) walked his first rull round on the course. First bit uncomfortable, but he is clearley a fast learner. The second round he improved his time considerably.

Keep it up !

Chasing Lane's Casair
22 May 2011

Son (NL)

Brandy v.d. Spaarne Meute at the international game "het Gouden Sonnetje".

There where 8 females in the serie, after a bad start she came back and became second.

In the semifinal Brandy could start next to her sister Brenda vd Spaarne Meute. Her sister Brenda was a little bit faster and became first in 24.10 and Brandy became second.

In the finals under white, not my favorite color .. well so be it. She had a good start, again with her sister Brenda ... It was an exciting race and with a nose length difference her sister Brenda become first in 24.11 and the second place was for our Brandy!.

Congratulations to all finalists and staff, thank you for your efforts! And our friends for being there !

Brandy v.d. Spaarne Meute

Brandy (Blue) & Brenda (Red)

21 May 2011

Rijssen (NL)

Vilikaia vom Rauhen Meer & Homely Luck's Lotus te lopen.

Vilikaia starting in the B-class with 8 females. In the series she had a good start but because from collisions she got behind. She became third in 23.63.

In the Semifinals she became second in 23.16, a personal record.

At the finals Vilikaia had a bad start, but she surprised us and became second in a beautiful time of 23.36!

Homely Luck's Lotus started with 11 A-females in the series. After a very bad start Lotus fought forward and slowly came closer and was third in a beautiful time of 22.80.

Then a rematch. Again she had a bad start but gave all she has and won the rematch in 22.92.

On to the semifinals. With a slightly better start she became thrid with a nice time of 22.89, Lotus can go to the final.

In the final Lotus had a nice start. After Oochigea's Hosmosius (1st) and Bessie vd Spaarne Meute (2nd) she became third in 22.75 with a new personal record.

Congratulations to all the finalists and thank you to the staff for another great contest.

Vilikaia vom Rauhen Meer

Homely Luck's Lotus

15 May 2011

Venlo (nl)

Today we traveled to Venlo, Limburg for the International Grand Prix of Limburg. We had one dog with us of my father and me 'Homely Luck's Lotus'.

Lotus has run this track one before, two years ago. The track in Venlo is for specialists. Because this is the most circular orbit of the Netherlands and perhaps even of Europe. The Course record for females is therefore very long 22.85 by Nadia vd Hooge Bergh the grandmother of Lotus.

In the series you could clearly see that Lotus actually had trouble with the first turns and had to work hard. But came back and became second and could go to the semifinals.
In the semifinals Lotus became first. This meant, under blue to the finals. Lotus had a good start, after the release of the curve running, then the stepped 2 times on her back legs so she lost her head position. This all resulting in a stunning fourth place.

We want to thank our friends Mary and Robert and of course Alicia for their support and nice time!

Homely Luck’s Lotus.
08 May 2011

Velp (nl)

Today we traveled to run association Swift (Velp/Arnhem). We had two dogs with us for the Int. Great Price of Rheden. Vilikaia vom Rauhen Meer could start in the B-class and Brandy vd Spaarne Meute could start in the A-Class.

Vilikaia vom Rauhen Meer (Sky) could start and had never walked on this track. In the serie and semifinal she became second and got through to the final and became second.

Brandy v.d. Spaarne Meute could start. Last week, Brandy was already strong as we were wondering what she would do today at het old home course. But what she showed was something unique. Brandy started from pen 6 and was gone.

Brandy en Blits v.d. Spaarne Meute

Then they said the time 20.63. ..... She has walked the track record!!!

And after verifiction showed that the old course record of Roughneck Arja 20.69 actually was broken!

In the semifinals Brandy didn't had a good start but still became first in a little less time but still under 21 seconds.

The final ... very exciting ... And yes, she became first in a superb time of 20.73 !!

That day something else special happend. Her brother Blits vd Spaarne Meute also ran this day. He won the final, just like his sister Brandy, but he also broke the old course record of Xantho-Vulture v.d. Spaarne Meute 20.47. Blits puts a nice time of 20.40 on the clock!! Hanneke & Hans congratulations.

We also want to thank our friends for the nice day and everyone else for the congratulations.

06 May 2011

Lelystad (nl)

It's already one year ago that As Good As Gold was born.

Together with her two housmates, she got a nice piece of cake.

05 May 2011

Lelystad (nl)

It is now already one year ago that Windyglen's Ride Sally Ride and Windyglen Patriot's were born. That's worth celebrating!

Patriot (1) Sally Ride (2)
Mouse over photo
01 May 2011

Lelystad (nl)

Today we would really start the new season. The first game is always exciting. How will the shape of the dogs be ... We have worked so hard on their condition it was aobut time. We had a total of three females with us ... Vilikaia vom Rauhen Meer, Brandy v.d. Spaarne Meute and Homely Luck's Lotus the dog of my father (after 1,5 year absence her first match back).

Vilikaia could walk again today for the first time in the B-class after her injury. After missing the start in the series. She did it in the semifinal and final reasonably well be starting and running close to the poles resulting in a fine third place.

Brandy and Lotus where both starting in the A-class. Brandy did what she do best, fast starting and this resulting in a very nice first place. Lotus knew her time in the semifinals and finals continue to improve and she was beautiful fifth. All with all a very nice day.

Brandy - Red, Lotus - Yellow

16 Apr 2011

Son (nl)

Today we traveled again to the greyhounds association in Son for a trainings dag.

We had 2 dogs from us and Homely Luck's Lotus from my father.

First was Homely Luck's Lotus ... after 2 years back on the track she did well. She has to work on her condition and speed, but that will be ok!

Then it was the turn of Brandy. He was trained hard all week so we did not expect much. Still, he ran very strong again and remained reasonably well on its line. She won the race very nice!

Then its was the turn of Megan ... Megan walked into the corners very neatly and with enthusiasm. She did very well.

All with all a successful and beautiful sunny day.


16 Apr 2011

Lelystad (nl)

It's been one year since the puppies of Track Lover vd Waterram & Homely Luck's Lotus where born. that means 'party time' and a nice piece of cake for the puppies. Owners ... congratulations with your 'teenagers'!
Here some pictures of the youngsters ...

Chasing Lane's Don Tenorio

Chasing Lane's Dark Mystique

Chasing Lane's Diamond's Spirit

Chasing Lane's Dalton Track

10 Apr 2011

Kinrooi (BelgiË)

Today we got a very nice picture of our pup Chasing Lane's Budapest.

Watching over the Easter chicks !

08 Apr 2011

Lelystad (Nederland)

Today its one year ago since the puppies of our C-litter where born. We wish the puppies and their owners a great day !


on the photo Chasing Lane’s Colossus.

03 Apr 2011

Oude Pekela (nl)

Today there was a National competition in Old Pekela (NL). Paddy's Absolute Power was registered today and was running his first race this season. Finally Paddy's Absolute Power could go to the finals, under stripes. It was a very exciting final with times of the numbers 3 to 6 with just a few inches difference. Finally he was 4th with a time of 23.27 ! Walked very stable ... well done Robert!

26 Mar 2011

Lelystad (nl)

Today we decided to train with Windyglen's Ride Sally Ride and As Good As Gold and the bitch of my father Homely Luck's Lotus. 5 Chasing Lane's puppies where present, it was a nice day.

We took a 'familyshoot' of the D-litter, of the dogs who were present. Chasing Lane's Dalton Track, Chasing Lane's Dollar Express, Chasing Lane's Dark Mystique and Chasing Lane's Diamond's Spirit and the father Track Lover van de Waterram and mother Homely Luck's Lotus.

All dogs have a good training run and we were very pleased with the results. All in all a successful day.

26 Mar 2011

Velp (nl)

Today traveled the family v Lieshout of the Vaya Con Dios Kennel down to Velp. To let Paddy's Absolute Power and Chasing Lane's Air Supreme run. Paddy's Absolute Power of Robert and me got two tenths of his time. He is coming in to shape and we hope he continues this line.

After that Chasing Lane's Are Supreme of Make good run. For both of them this was the first time and they easily made it off the sandbox!

19 Mar 2011

Velp (nl)

Today, the family Roubos of the Vaya Con Dios Kennel traveled down to Velp. To let Paddy's Absolute Power and Chasing Lane's Cantana run. Paddy's Absolute Power of Robert v Lieshout and me run, onlike last year, two very stable times! You can see that Robert had done a perfect training!

Daarna mocht Chasing Lane's Cantana van Alicia. Beide mochten zij voor het eerst de baan op. Alicia voor het eerst om haar hondje te starten en Chasing Lane's Cantana haar 1ste keer op de renbaan. Zonder twijfel en met veel power ging Cantana achter het haas aan. Op na de volgende keer.

After that it was time for Chasing Lane's Cantana of Alicia. Their first time on the track for both of them! No doubt and with a lot of power Cantana went behind the hare. Up to next time!

14 Mar 2011

Harderwijk / Lelystad (nl)

13 & 14 March

On both days we went on the road with the dogs to get some nice pictures.

You can see this in our Fun Album

13 Mar 2011

Rotterdam (nl)

Today was the last training in Rotterdam before the first match of the year could start. There were 4 Chasing Lane's children and 3 have run.

The first one was Chasing Lane's Boston of the Dekker family, who had straight run. He ran behind the motor with concentration and focus. After that, his roommate Chasing Lane's Dollar Express. If he did nothing else then this .. he ran the straight way perfectly.

His sister Chasing Lane's Diamond's Spirit could start on the 350 out of hand. She had some more training on the rail and ran a good lap. The 4th Chasing Lane was her brother Dalton Track ... he watched everything very closely

01 Mar 2011

Lelystad (nl)

We had to wait but now its finally ready .. Our new website.

What can you expect from us. Faster updates, more information and of course all presented in a modern way.

22 Feb 2011

Oud Zuilen (nl)

Today was the first measurement of the year. Chasing Lane's Air Supreme and Chasing Lane's Beijing may go today and were both well measured.

29 Jan 2011

Lelystad (nl)

Today its one year since the puppies of Catkyll's Angelo X Aphrodite v.d. Fijola Hoeve where born.

Congratulations to the owners of the puppies.

25 Jan 2011

Lelystad (nl)

Today its one year since the puppies of Graf Ferry vom Rauhen Meer X Wheezy Wind's Floortje where born.

Congratulations to the owners of the puppies.