What should you know before you buy a whippet?

We recommend you, not just to buy somewhere a whippet, set a standard for yourself and take a resposible dicision when purchasing. Check for information at the whippet club. Look for a breeder where everything is tidy and clean, and how the dogs look and how they deal with the dogs. How the puppies are cared for, whether they are well socialized, if the nest is clean and defecate properly.

Please ensure that you are not a victim of a puppymill breeder. Still many people are lured into buying cheap puppies of bad breeders. These people only have one thing in mind: money! We abhor the puppymills and the financial interest of many breeders. Yet it is clear that there are still many breeders that increased rather than improved.

We believe in values and responsibility to the breed as a breeder. But also the responsibility to ensure the new puppy owners. We are working with great care and love with out whippets and whippets puppies. If for any reason a puppy is not at his place, it can/should always come back to us.

You want to buy a healthy dog, get him with a breeder where the parents are checked on their eyes and possibly other genetic abnormalities. This is very important! This does not mean a whippet will not get it, but this reduces the risk. You pay more when buying a Pedigree whippet puppy, but you know at least the history of the parents.

At the combinations we make, wil be carefully looked at the bloodlines, performance and information about the characters of the concerning males. When we like the dog and meets our demands, then we will use him. Character and health are our priorities. Quality is our motive, not the quantity.

If you are interested in a puppy from us, please feel free to contact us. Puppies are all out of responsible combinations from which both parents meet the standards we set, we breed only the rules of the Board and the Dutch and Belgian breed clubs.

What can you expect from us.

We have about 1 or 2 litters per year with several females.
All our dogs are bred and raised in home and other Whippets.
We comply with the requirements set out in the regulations of the Dutch Association Whippetclub. This includes that all dogs be tested for PRA-CAT and the correct height.

If the pup leaves the Chasing Lane's nest,

The pups has ...

  • a chip from the Board
  • FCI pedigree from the Board
  • had all vaccinations, dewormed and treated with Frontline Puppy Pack
  • a socialization program followed
  • a health certificate from the vet
  • an official EU passport

And you get ...

  • a wonderful little puppy!
  • an information and advice booklet
  • a complete puppy package
  • a play - snack pack
  • pictures from birth to leaving with your puppy
  • Copies health studies, show and working certificates of both parents
What we expect from the new owners of a Chasing Lane's pup:
  • a safe place for the puppy to grow up in house
  • that the puppy will not left alone for hours
  • sufficient freedom
  • do not overload him and to much activity
  • the puppy to provide adequate rest
  • time and attention for the puppy
  • contact with the breeder about the ups and downs of the pup
  • possible efforts to make the puppy to ward off danger
  • open to the opinions of the breeder
  • at least follow a puppy training or join the breed club
  • think twise before buying a puppy
  • Lots of fun, love, happiness and success with your puppy