How we work

In general, we have 1 or 2 litters per year except for 2009 (4 litters). All puppies have a pedigree of the Board of Directors (officially recognized by the FCI). The parents of our puppies are tested for hereditary eye diseases and bullygen and have a DNA profile.

If someone wants to buy a puppy from us, we want to meet the new owners at our home. We find it very important, before the decision om buying a whippet. A mutual trust between the new puppy owner and breeder. We wish all our puppies the best possible family, where they can have the best life ever.

If you are seriously interested in a whippet puppy, it can be scheduled to come to our home for a personally acquanted, then we can discus the wishes and needs of potential buyers. And of course meet the dogs and puppies, if interested you can register on the puppy list. People are always welcome to visit the puppies. In turn we send photos, videos and information about the puppies and their developments.

We are happy with people who want to know everything and want to see everything, then we know they make an informed purchase for a whippetpup. That is very important to us. We always advise you to become a member of the Dutch Whippetclub.
We are therefor always available to the new whippetowner to help with their puppy.
The price of a puppy with a pedigree is the same regardless of color and gender.

If you purchased a puppy from us you will receive a folder with educational, nutritional, care advice and a foodlist. And a puppy package which includes all sort of fun toys and treats.

All puppies leave with an FCI pedigree and puppies who go abroad are accompanied by an export pedigree, a chip by the Management Board, the first puppy vaccinations, European passport and a puppy pack etc...

We advise people to go on a (puppy) training because this contributes positively to the owner / dog combination.
It is very important that both the owner and the dog enjoy the training. This often strengthens the bond between puppy and owner.

We also like it very much when we hear of see something from our puppies when they life at their new home. And if there are any questions about their new pet, you can always call us ... night and day!

Once we received the pedigrees of the dogs we (usually) bring the pedigree to the new owner of the pups. We can therefore see where the pups grow up. People usually appreciate the breeders visit.

We wish all puppy buyers a lifetime of fun with their dog(s).